The next stage on our travel through alternate realities is virtual reality. It offers the user a fully immersive experience. VR devices and accessories (such as glasses, headsets, sensors or treadmills...) are used to put the viewer in a new reality created from zero. Inside are elements that can replicate completely the reality or even, on the contrary, create a totally imaginary world.
When he enters the virtual scene, depending on the solutions chosen by the client, one can interact with all its elements, change and transform them, move inside the decor, solve some tasks, collect things...


In the “Workshop” project, the client wanted to present the security procedures that need to be fulfilled before using a hazardous machine. In order to achieve that goal, we created a workshop with all the necessary items for the worker to complete his task successfully and safely.
Instructions :
Select the protective clothing you should wear before switching on the saw and cutting the block. Enter the workshop and put on the security gloves, the glasses and the helmet. Then switch on the saw and cut through the block.