As a request from a „truck driver association" about how they can easily reach all drivers of different backgrounds to train on the topic "Safety during the truck charge" and thus to deepen the understanding of the process. The solution was quickly found: a mobile multi-language VR training.
The focus should be on an easy way of understanding how important it is to make the truck charge safe. During the development process, we created a prototype of that training including an instruction part at the beginning of the training and a questionnaire part at the end.


Currently, the user can decide between different levels of training (beginner, advanced, expert), can teleport himself through the scene and solve tasks. Based on the selected charge the user has to decide of the right position of the charge and the needed safety accessories e.g. like metal straps, rubber mats or airbags.
Only when the user decides about the right position and selects the complete safety set for this charge, can he start with the questionnaire. The questionnaire at the end of the training completes the practical part and deepens what the user has learned. If the training has been successfully passed, the user receives a certificate of attendance and the supervisor documents information about the training.