As part of a customer request we had to create and implement ideas around a „Future Train“ in a Virtual Reality scenario.

We had to focus on two priorities :
1. Create new „never seen“ things.
2. Create a new User experience combined to existing features.

The idea was to provide passengers with a unique and enjoyable trip, where nothing is missing and with interactive and intuitive features.


From booking the journey to check out of the train the passengers would come in contact with features like:
- Informations about free seats, departure time, etc, displayed on glass walls, holograms
- Face recognition for Check In process
- Lightways inside the train to single seating places.
- Seats equiped with sensors monitoring health relevant informations about the passenger (weight, blood pressure and rythm...).
- Remember function for keys, mobile phone, money or luggage stored into boxes inside the train

As a result we created for the client an amazing VR adventure where he can test some features and feel how they work. (The movie/picture shows the features the client allowed to showcase)

As special features we implemented different kind of train compartments:
- A Meeting Center
- An Interactive Compartment (with standing places for short trips)
- A Fitness Compartment
- A VIP Compartment for confidential meetings