As a starting point for the project “escape and rescue plan” we considered the following themes:
- How, and above all, how often can an evacuation exercise be performed?
- Do all employees know where the gathering point is located?
- Do all employees know the second escape route?
- Do all employees know where the first aid kit is?

The idea was to create a VR application that would help all employees:
- know how to read the escape and rescue plan,
- where the escape routes lead along and where they should gather
- where the nearest 1st aid box is located
so that they know what to do and avoid mistakes in "real" life, when facing a real emergency case.
After a quick explanation, the employee is moved to an office where he has to orientate himself, find and read the "escape and rescue plan". When he hears a warning siren, indicating that the building must be evacuated, he has to take the right path: Main rescue route or second rescue route.


To move through the scene, the employee use the teleportation points appearing on the floor. He can memorize where are situated the evacuation maps, the signs guiding toward the exits and the first aid kit, much better while moving through the “real environment”. Advantage: every employee can go through the exercise as often as needed.
A final questionnaire completes the exercise with general questions on this topic. If all questions are answered correctly, the employee receives a final applause. An input field at the end of the instruction asks for feedback to continuously improve the application.