The Fidus story

The client's request was to create a virtual tour of their business center available for rental. The focus was on giving the client a precise reproduction of what he would find on site. Allowing him to visit from a remote position as well as deciding for special features he wants waiting for him upon his arrival.


Whether it is a single workplace, an office for co-working or a conference room for 80 people the client wants - with offices with moving walls that can transform their shape and size - the Fidus space can adapt to everyone's needs.
We created a wonderful and very detailed 3D reproduction of their business space, allowing the visitors to navigate through it as if they were there.

Control within the 3D tour:
To navigate, press the left mouse button once within the window.
Hold down left mouse button to move forward.
Hold down the right mouse button for a backward movement.
To rotate, move the mouse in the appropriate direction.
To exit the tour, press the ESC key.
All other commands can be found on the relevant doors or whiteboards within the 3D Tour.